Lost in Transit – TTC: Animation of Toronto’s Surface Routes on a Weekday

On an average business day last year the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) was used for more than 1.6 million fare paying trips.  Most of those trips are taken above ground.  I made an animation showing the movement of all TTC surface vehicles, both streetcars and buses, last Thursday for a 24 hour period.  In the animation, vehicles with an estimated speed above 15 km/h are blue, those that are slower than 5 km/h are red and the ones in between are yellow.  It also includes the average speed of the surface fleet and the number of active vehicles.

Watching the animation I was surprised to see that you can still get around pretty well at 3am – I grew up in a city where you were out of luck after 1am until the next morning.  It was a little eye opening to see that the TTC moves so many people with only around 1700 vehicles at peak travel times – although given how crowded it is on some of the routes maybe it shouldn’t be.  Anyways … enjoy.



  1. http://www.nextbus.com/xmlFeedDocs/NextBusXMLFeed.pdf


  • Vehicle speed units in video are being corrected (updated to km/h on Sept 17, 2018).


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